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Enjoy the Romance of early California where strong characters struggle
to tame
the rough and tumble, wide open land of the 19th Century

The Saga Begins

A young Indian woman struggles to protect her family and loved ones in the face of a rapidly changing world when Spanish soldiers and Franciscan missionaries come to Santa Barbara, California in the late 1700s. She bears a Spaniard's child, Delfina, and starts a California dynasty.

Dream Helper was the winner of a Gold Medal from the Independent Publishers Book Awards as the best novel in the Western Region in 2009

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Just Published

The second in the Chronicles of California series, Delfina's Gold is the story of two ambitious, adventure-seeking Yankee traders who come to California in the 1830 and find themselves competing for the affections of Delfina de Alba, the beautiful, blue-eyes senorita who can out-ride and out-rope the best vaqueros around. The story ranges from Boston to Canton, China, and all over Mexican California as the adventurers seek to unlock the Golden State's treasures.

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